The UWA Cricket Club Foundation (Foundation) was established at the Foundation Dinner in December 2001.

The Foundation exists to support the UWA Cricket Club (Club) in its ambition to be a leading club in Western Australian Premier Cricket. Specifically, the objectives of the Foundation include the awarding of scholarships to young players of promise and assistance in coaching fees and other ways to fast track the development of players. The Club with the assistance of the Foundation will seek to attract young players who wish not only to be successful in cricket but also maximise their academic potential.

The Foundation has entrusted the funds raised to be part of the UWA Hackett Foundation which is managed by UWA. There are no management fees payable. Interest is earned on a calendar year basis and is earmarked for use by the Club consistently with the objectives of the Foundation.

You can become a member of the Foundation by a payment of $5,000 over a period of up to 3 years. All donations are income tax deductible. Please contact Tony Fairweather at if you are interested in donating.