The University of Western Australia Cricket Club (UCC) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of behavior and conduct. This Code of Conduct (code) applies to all players, spectators and team officials and extends to training, match days and club social functions.

The purpose of the Code is to provide clear direction for all players and club members as to the minimum behavioural standards expected during their association with the UCC.

Club Objectives:
The primary objective of the UCC is to maximise the potential of each and every cricketer that joins that club in an inclusive, supportive environment.
We measure success through;
• Developing and providing players for Western Australia and Australia
• Developing and debuting 1st Grade Premier League cricketers
• Developing and promoting players though the grades
• Player retention
• Winning premierships and club championships

The UCC has identified values that it demands its members adhere to.

• We will respect our teammates, opposition and umpires
• We will respect the rules and the competition
• We will respect the history of the club

• Cricket is a game played in harsh conditions over a long period of time. Giving up or losing focus is not the University way.
• We will fight until the last ball no matter the circumstances.

• Cricket can be a complicated game. We will respond by developing and maintaining game awareness.
• We will think about match circumstances and act accordingly.
• We will understand our role in the team and strive to fulfil this role

Specific Requirements:
1. Arrive on time to training and matches.
2. Offer your hand to opposition players and umpires at the end of each game.
3. Act swiftly to aid injured players.
4. Control your frustration with the state of the game, disappointment with your performance and decisions you might not agree with.
5. Avoid the use of offensive language or gestures. Abuse of officials and/or other players is not acceptable.
6. Never arrive to a game or training under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
7. Comply with the University of Western Australia’s smoke-free policy. Observe similar policies when playing away.
Members of the UCC shall not bring the Club, the University of Western Australia or the WACA into disrepute, and must comply with the spirit of cricket, and any additional Code of Conduct or behavioral standards established by The University of Western Australia, the WACA or Cricket Australia.